Davines Natural Tech


In Davines laboratories, we have created a perfect synergy between Nature and Technology, combining only the best carefully selected raw materials with the most advanced science and research to offer our customers the utmost scientific innovation, whilst enhancing Nature: the result is Naturaltech.

In creating naturatech formulas, this synergy between nature and technology has been pursued above all by selecting which raw materials to use in Davines laboratories since this can enhance the quality and effectiveness of the active principles involved.

Naturaltech treatments are designed not only to effectively solve scalp and hair problems thanks to the action of highly functional active principles, but also to take care of the psychological and physical wellbeing of customers thereby enabling them to regain the necessary equilibrium for correct functionality recovery.

The Naturaltech concept is fully expressed in the products's formulas. Thanks to a careful search for innovation and thanks also to the most modern research technologies, our formulas have been rendered extremely high-performance.

Davines' Researchers have enriched Naturaltech formulas by introducing phytoceuticals combined with other active ingredients. Another key element in formula development has been the search for an extraordinary sensory pleasure, a goal that has been achieved thanks to the latest generation of surfactants which produce an exceptionally thick creamy foam, and the use of essential oils for fragrances to obtain intense, unique and enduring notes. All formulas are free from parabens, and the shampoos contain no sulphates (SLES and SLS).

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